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Websites with a blog have


more indexed pages

Internet Users in the US…


...spend 200% more time on blogs than they do on email


make a purchase based on recommendations from a blog

however, only…


...of businesses actually have a blog



Not Enough Time

Trying to keep fresh and relevant content on a blog takes a lot of time. With Goby, you can run your business while we get great content on your site as often as you want it.


Don't know what to say

Knowing what to write about on your blog is an art. Lucky for you, Goby is artists. We will research trending topics, write great content, and post it on your behalf.


Unique Design

No two businesses are the same and neither are the blogs we build for them.

Membership discounts apply.

Basic Content

For only $60 per post, we can get you up to 450 words of great content.

Membership discounts apply.

SEO Content

For only $120 per post, we can get you search engine optimized content.

Membership discounts apply.

Goby Walks the walk.

We believe in the value of a blog, feel free to check out ours here.

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Goby is responsive

Every blog that we build is fully responsive. Your readers are on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones all the time so your site has to know which one their on and how to adapt to deliver the perfect experience.

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See it in action
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Pricing is simple


per Blog

completely unique design


per post

for basic content up to 450 words


per post

for SEO content up to 1400 words

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  • Basic Web Design Package
  • Discounted Blog Design
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  • Enhanced Web Design Package
  • $225 Blog Design
  • $45 per basic post
  • $90 per SEO post
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  • Free Web Design Package
  • $150 Blog Design
  • $30per basic post
  • $60 per SEO post
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** All memberships come with a 12 month contract.

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