Why Increase Website Traffic?

Whether you run a business, play in a band, or plant churches, your website is a valuable investment and could be a lucrative asset. The worst thing you can do for that investment is have a website and not drive people to it. Everyone wants to increase website traffic, but how do you actually get people onto your page looking at your content? Well, here are 7 tips on how to realistically bring your customers to your website and increase website traffic.


1. Make your website look good

One of the easiest ways to drive traffic away is to send people to a site that they can’t navigate, is outdated, or looks like it was created in a high-school computer class. Your website has to put your best foot forward because 81% of your customers visit it before visiting your store or making a purchase. There are endless website builders that are easy to use and make your website look decent enough (Wix, WordPress Templates, Blogger, Shopify, Adobe Creative Cloud, SquareSpace, and many more). But these tools are very time consuming to set up, even more time consuming to maintain, and have a ton of hidden costs to actually become useful. If you really want your website to look great and stay up to date, getting a professional to design, build, and support your website is the best option.


Image: sausage links on a plate won't actually help you increase website traffic

2. Link everywhere

No, not sausage links. The kind of link that actually helps increase website traffic and put you at the top of search results. Yeah, I’m talking about link building. Having links from your website to other websites makes the search engine computers classify your content as more reliable. Additionally, having links from other websites to your website drives people to you that weren’t even looking for you. Finally, if your leads aren’t seeing your URL on every ad piece you are putting money into, then you aren’t getting a full return on your investment. T-shirts, flyers, commercials, billboards, business cards, emails, and social media sites all need to show your URL somewhere.

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3. Get social

Your customers are on social media, why aren’t you? Or maybe you are, but you are getting the results you want (you are probably only using 25% of your social media power and don’t even realize it). At any rate, your activity on social media should be consistent and often. If you’re not posting at least once a day on social media then you aren’t optimizing the algorithms. Therefore, consistent posting is critical to getting your content in front of your leads. Furthermore, Social media algorithms are constantly changing and are more complex than you probably think. So take the time to research them and learn what you need to do to put your content at the top of your followers’ feeds. You can follow us @gobycreative on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more tips and ideas about this subject.


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Graphic: a boss holding money on a stick in front of an employee to offer incentive to increase website traffic

4. Incentivize

Incentivizing your followers and customers to help you spread the word is a great strategy for driving traffic to your website. Also, you should always acknowledge when someone mentions you on social media by commenting on it and mentioning them back. It just makes them feel good. Additionally, you could consider a discount or referral bonus to people who refer traffic to your website that ends up in a sale. Goby does this by offering $50 to both the referrer and the person who was referred. DirecTV does it by offering $100 — but they have a lot more money than we do. Finally, digital referral programs are known as affiliate marketing and they are a great way to incentivize your customers to drive traffic to your site. ProBlogger has a list of 10 popular affiliate programs for small and medium sized businesses right now. These are definitely worth considering.

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5. Watch for keywords

Use keywords and key phrases to make your content more search engine friendly. For example, every piece of content you create for your website should focus on a specific keyword, or better yet, a specific key phrase. Okay, so Google doesn’t use the keyword meta tag in their ranking system. But does that mean that identifying a keyword or phrase is not important? Absolutely not. Google might not use the meta tag keywords, but it scours your content for information relevant to the users search input. When someone searches for “how to increase website traffic”, Google looks for that phrase to know where to rank you. Furthermore, Google has kept a record of every google search ever and has created Google Trends that we can use to find the exact phrases that people are searching for. This is great for finding a specific keyword or phrase for your content.


6. Submit your posts

Reddit or StumbleUpon may not be your favorite places for entertainment, but for millions of other people, they are. With approximately 200 Million monthly users between Reddit and StumbleUpon, submitting posts to sites like these can drastically increase traffic.


7. Get creative

Finally, think outside of the box and come up with new ideas. Take your time and  be original. You don’t have to post new content every day. In fact, it’s actually better to make sure that you publish quality content and not just a lot of content. Memes, viral videos, and other unconventional methods have proven to bring people to social media platforms and websites. Don’t discount an idea that you may have just because nobody else has tried it. In fact, if you have an idea that nobody else is doing…do it (and then tell us what it is so we can do it too).

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