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About the Photographer

Mandy Schrader is a big time photographer from a small town in Arkansas. Her photography is concentrated around the concept of capturing every stage of your life through her lens. Every milestone that you could encounter whether it’s getting married, having a baby, or graduating from school, she will be there to help you remember it. Her work has been featured on the cover of multiple magazines, and she has been invited to help with photo shoots throughout the country.

The Challenge

Mandy’s creative nature, small town vibe, and big time photography put a lot of pressure on us to build her website in such a way to appropriately portray her talent but also give the user a feeling of what it feels like when you interact with her.

The Solution

Using a high contrast design with softer black and white tones gave her portfolio a modern, elegant, and bold feeling with a warm and inviting interface. Having only two pages keeps the experience very simple and direct, putting all of focus on her work. Just like Mandy’s photography, this site is designed to give the user a first-class experience while making them feel completely at home.

Instagram Sync

Mandy is actively engaged on instagram @mandy_may and acquires a significant portion of her customers from social media. We had to go the extra mile with a section on her site that integrates seamlessly with her instagram account. Anytime she adds a photo to instagram, her website is automatically updated.

Header Fonts

Font: Arima Madurai

Style: All Caps

Weight: Thin

Readability: Clean

Paragraph Fonts

Font: Droid Serif

Style: Normal

Weight: Normal

Readability: Elegant

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