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Crestview Baptist Church

A professional website for a church where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord.

How does a traditional church that has never had an online presence keep their roots but modernize their style?

Crestview Baptist Church in Lancaster, SC exists to minister to the people of Lancaster by edifying, equipping, and sending the saints with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom.

This traditional congregation recently brought on a new pastor, Rev Casey Swails, and one of his plans to help grow the congregation was to get them on the web. His number 1 goal was to build a professional online presence for this church.

We wanted to make sure to incorporate an urgent sense of mission that correlated with Crestview’s mission minded leaders. We also wanted to maintain a consistent experience throughout the website and the church building, so visitors would feel at home on the pages and in the pews.

We started with the logo. Seeking to incorporate digital and physical unity, we wanted to design something based on the stained glass window behind the pulpit. Using Chunk Five font and simple linear gradients, the classic-modern vibe came to us pretty quickly. Naturally, the colors and fonts used in the logo drove the foundation for the website design. We sought moderate contrast to the sections in the flow of the website design as the user scrolls through the pages offering an inviting structure that molds with Crestview’s missional focus.

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