One of the most important pieces of a good website is also one of the most commonly overlooked; that essential piece in having a brand-building website is the domain name. Having a good domain name makes searching for your website easy, and having a great domain name can even bring you visitors who didn’t go out searching for you. Here’s an easy list of 3 things to avoid and 3 things to look for when picking a domain name.

Domain names for just 88 cents!
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Get carried away. A little bit of creativity goes a long way here, but too much can hurt you.  Your floral business may have a great website, but probably isn’t going to gain you a lot of searches, although it might win you an alliteration contest, if you’re into that.


Aim to be memorable. If you’re creating your brand from scratch the opportunities are endless. One or two words are ideal because they’re much easier to remember. Do your research and you’ll find that certain sounds are more appealing or stand out more to the general population. Studies have shown that the “K” sound tends to stick out more in people’s minds. Other “stop sounds” can also have the same effect. (It just so happens the “g” and “k” sounds in GobyCreative are both known to be memorable sounds).

You can learn more about brand name psychology here:


Try to save a few dollars a year by using an obscure extension like. club, .photo, .online, etc. This will only make your website hard to find and won’t be worth the three or four dollars you will save. If you absolutely can’t use .com, you can use .net or .org, but I recommend altering your domain name before going with something other than .com.


Keep your domain name simple enough to be said in a sentence. This will allow you to tell others about your website without them having to write it down. This also means avoiding hyphens and numerals. Search engines tend not to like them and they’re much more difficult to communicate verbally in a way that will be remembered easily. is easier to search and remember than


Be afraid to be different! A unique name isn’t all bad as long as it’s easy to remember. Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, spent months trying to come up with the right name for her company, and she eventually made up a word. The word she made up was memorable, short and powerful, and her brand profited her with billions of dollars.


Pick a domain name that is related to your business. If you already have a brand, then build off of the foundation that you’ve already laid for yourself. You might have to do some searching if the domain name matching your brand name is already taken, but there are ways to work around it. has a pretty heavy price tag on it, so if you’re the pastor of a First Baptist Church you might consider shortening the domain name and adding the city name. For instance, if you pastor a church in Dog Town, Alabama you might use It’s still easy to remember, plus it stays similar to your name.

There You Have It

There is more to picking out a domain name than meets the eye; these tips will help get you started. For more help, contact us or comment below and let us help you create a winning website.

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