I come from a small business background. My family owns a hardware store in Mississippi, and I grew up working there. Being the youngest family employee who knew computers fairly well, I was regularly assigned to fix all of the technical issues. Some of these (printer fixes, software updates, password changes, etc.) were easy. Some of them (internet issues, web design, network and internet problems) were not so easy. I was good with computers, but that didn’t make me an expert in each of the fields where we needed help or had a problem. At some points we had to call an expert web designer and have him come fix the problems.

We tend to have this idea that, because someone knows some, or even a lot, about phones, sound equipment, lighting, or technology, that they are automatically an expert on all things technology. This logic is not just bad, it often comes with a price. Trusting non-experts with something that is above their head will often cost you time and money. Here are 4 reasons to not just hand your website over to the most tech-savvy person in your church or business.


Plugins make the world-wide web a better place. They help with millions of problems. Website speed, SEO, content backup, contact forms, calendars, and security are just a small, small sample of areas where plugins will make your website better. Your average techie may not have the experience or expertise to know what to use and where. That will lead to you missing out on valuable tools for your site.


Chances are your default tech person isn’t skilled in CSS. What is CSS? CSS (cascading style sheets) helps Web developers create a uniform look across several pages of a Web site. Instead of defining the style of each table and each block of text within a page’s HTML, commonly used styles need to be defined only once in a CSS document. By using CSS, your web designer will make your website will look better and more professional.


It’s old news that Google is incentivizing security by boosting SEO for websites with SSL certificates. In English, that means that Google is giving better rankings to websites that make sure that their websites are secure. That’s good because security should be a big deal anyway. You don’t want people risking their internet security by going to your website. If your tech person doesn’t know what they’re doing you could end up with an unsecure website, and you will limit yourself on things like payment options as well.


Yes, companies exist that will give you a limited template to drag and drop your information into, but if you do that you are missing out on themes will give your consumers a great experience on your website. By simply handing the reins over to your tech person you are assuming that they know key design aspects. Where are people trained to see a logo? What’s the best menu design for user accessibility? How long should people be on your site before they are invited to join your email list? Each of these questions and more might allude your tech guru if they’re not a web designer.

Get the best

Ultimately, the point of all of this is that we want your website to look the best. We also want you to be a good steward of your resources. At Goby Creative we have experts who have put the time and effort in to learn all of this information and more, and we want to share that information with you.

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