Tie your shoes. Brush your hair. Crank your car and put on your seat-belt. In the 10-15 seconds it takes you to do any of these activities people have already decided whether or not they’re going to stay on your website.

That’s right, the average person stays on any given website either 15 seconds or less or at least several minutes. That means that you have just 15 seconds to show people why they should stay on your website. In order to do that we recommend that you complete a quick analysis of your website. Lucky for you, we’re going to give you our website test absolutely free.

Here are the 6 questions we ask at GobyCreative when analyzing a website. Answering these questions and adjusting accordingly will help you ensure that people engage with your website, and ultimately your content, longer.

Question 1: Who am I?

Is the average visitor going to have any trouble understanding who your organization is  or what your brand represents?Make sure your logo is listed in the upper left-hand corner of your website; people will subconsciously look there to identify you.

Question 2: What is the message I’m trying to communicate?

Your landing page should give clear information on what you do and should give opportunities for page visitors to learn more about your goal as an organization. You know what you do, make sure they do too.

Question 3: What action do I want my visitors to take?

Visitors to your site should see a call to action in some form or fashion within their first 10 seconds on your site. If it’s not one of the first things they see then you have a problem. This can be an invite to join your email list, an option to get a quote, or a coupon for a discounted or free resource.

Question 4: Is the rest of my content easily accessible?

Whether they realize it or not, people go to websites to learn. They go to Facebook to learn about other people. They go to a store’s website to find prices or inventory. People will go to your website to learn from your content. Make your content good, and make it easy to find.

Question 5: Can they find me?

If one of your goals is to get people to visit your physical location then you it’s imperative that you give them that information on your landing page. A clickable map to your location is an excellent way to communicate that information

Question 6: Most importantly-What is the main goal of my website?

A person analyzing your website should be able to clearly pick out your website goals.

Using this quick test will help you ensure that your website’s visitors become its regulars. Need more help making your landing page stand out? Contact us; we’re happy to help!

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