Trying to attract visitors to your website can be a daunting task. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blog posts giving the “insider scoop” on how to create traffic on your website, but there’s a problem with nearly all of them. The same problem they all share is what will keep your website from being as successful an investment as it can be. They don’t offer anything new. We’ll break this into problem and its solution into two segments that go hand in hand.


Creating large amounts of low quality content to fill your website.

Many organizations create a new website and immediately realize that they want to be at the top of the list when their target audience searches for something relating to their organization online. We’ll talk about search engine optimization (SEO) in greater lengths in future blog posts, but, in short, SEO is the process of using a variety of methods to bump your website up to the top of that list on Google, Bing, or whatever search engine people are using. Most marketing gurus will use the same cliché, “content is king” and send you on your way. This leaves many people thinking that the best way to attract visitors to their website is to throw a bunch of blog posts and articles saying the same thing everyone else is saying onto their website and suddenly they’ll have tons of people flooding their site. Here’s the problem- that doesn’t help anyone, and it won’t help you either. If all you do is reword what everyone else in your industry is already saying and put a clickbait title on it then you’re probably going to be disappointed.


Create unique, beneficial content that is presented in a variety of platforms.

Yes, you need content on your website, but please take the time to make that content worth consuming. Introduce new ideas, do some research, ask questions. If you consistently bring something new to the table that people aren’t getting elsewhere then they will keep coming back to you, and they’ll naturally spread the word about it too.

The second half of this solution is also important-diversify your content platforms. No investment broker worth his or her salt is going to advise you to put all of your eggs in one basket, they’ll tell you to spread your assets across multiple avenues. The same applies to your site. Write blogs, produce videos, make podcasts. Some people prefer to watch videos, others prefer to read, and some others fill their car rides with podcasts. The more platforms you offer, the more content people will consume. Again, make sure it’s quality though. Don’t stretch yourself thin by trying to spread across too many platforms. If that means you can only offer one video every few months, but you can blog consistently every week then do so.


Not paying attention to what your consumers actually want to learn about.

It’s easy to find information to fill a website, but you’re missing out on meeting your consumers’ needs by only creating content that interests you. There are plenty of people in your niche who want to know more about a number of topics, and they’ll go to whoever answers their questions.


Ask your consumers want they want to know more about.

If people will go to whoever answers the questions they have, you better be asking them what their questions are. By doing that you will not only showing your consumers that you care about their wants but also create a natural list of consumers. Those whose questions you are answering will be more likely to share your content and recommend you to others. This will also keep you from running out of content ideas.

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