You can tell a lot about a business from its storefront. You can get an idea about what kind of store it is, see what’s products are popular, and find out what is on sale currently. Consider these three pictures. Each storefront gives you key information on what that store specializes in. In the same way, your “storefront” aka, your website, needs to be visually pleasing and give people the information they need. A great way to do that is through the use of quality art.

Graphics on your website can create understanding among your consumers much faster than simple text can. Studies show that the human brain processes visuals at higher speeds than text alone. This is evident all around us through road signs, hazard warnings, wet floor signs, etc.

Pictures also help communicate a message through your website. By having quality, original  images (we’ll discuss this more in future weeks) you will help your consumers understand what you are all about and how that affects the world around you

To help you keep your visual art top notch, here are 4 simple graphic ideas to include in your website to help your people understand how you’re great at what you do.

1. Make it personal

Put a simple picture of you and a quick blurb about who you are. This will help your consumers attach a personality to what they’re reading about on your website. Doing this also helps establish credibility with your consumers, and if they meet you face-to-face they’ll be more likely to engage you because they recognize you from your website. Putting just a small amount of effort into building that personal recognition can go a long way.

2. Remember that graphics are gold

Use a graphic to describe how you’re helping people. Whether that’s a graph of how much money or time you save people on average, or a graphic describing how many lives you’ve impacted, or how you’re raising money for a cause, give people some information about how you’re making the world a better place that they can see instead of just read.

3-Use video to tell a story

Create a short video that communicates your mission statement or what you do as an organization. This gives your consumers a way to “get in on the action” by seeing first-hand what you do, and it gives you a chance to explain to them why you do it and what sets you apart. Even if you don’t have a great deal of experience with video, there are several great apps out there that can help make your work look great.

4- Announce what’s new

Create a banner that tells people about the big events that are happening at your organization. Have a conference coming up? Getting ready for a big sale? Launching a new series? Throw these or other key announcements on a bright banner to let people know. These will help your consumers know that you’re always doing new things, and it helps get the word out.

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