I had a conversation recently in which I was asked about my personal goal. I’m a goal oriented person, so this was nothing new to me, except for one thing. The person didn’t ask about my life goals (plural). They asked what my one personal goal was. I have five-year goals, ten-year goals, career goals, family goals, and on and on. But a singular, overarching goal…that’s much more difficult.


Now, as a Christian, my ultimate goal is to glorify God and share the gospel. I’m going to call that an understood goal for all Christians because it should always be priority number one. There is nothing that tops that, but I don’t want that to be a cop out for not focusing on direction.  


I thought about this and did some research. I realized that many successful people have a goal or personal mission statement that helps them stay on track and pursue excellence. Many CEOs and influential people have a personal goal. It’s certainly time we each decided what our personal goal is and allow that to shape our plans, priorities, and lives.


My personal goal is “To unlock and fuel people’s passions in a way that encourages them and primes them for success.” This fuels the way I look at the world, what I do, and how I do it. 


Similarly to a business’s mission statement that fuels everything that organization does, your personal goal or mission statement is important to keeping your priorities in check and maintaining your direction.


If you don’t have a personal goal or mission statement, let me encourage you with these three questions that can help you determine what your goal is.


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1. What do you love doing?

Knowing what you love will help your goal be something that empowers you.


2. What do you find satisfaction in?

If your goal is fulfilling it will flow naturally into what you do everyday. Time will tell your passions by your priorities. Check out the important things that you’re spending your time on. Those are probably some of the things that can contribute to your goal. 


3. How does your goal positively change you?

Your goal shouldn’t slow you down. It should help you keep the important things in your mind and help you become better.


Your personal goal isn’t some magical set of words that will immediately change your life. Ultimately, it will help you to have a personal focus and a direction that helps you be a better leader and achiever, though, and that’s a great start.



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