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13 Digital Strategies to Double Your Dental Patients

In this webinar

You will learn


How a Patient chooses a dentist

and what factors come in to play during their decision process. This webinar will identify 8 criteria that your patients think about during their decision process.


Marketing difficulties

specific to dentists. This webinar will expose some of the most common barriers in trying to market your dental practice, and give you the tools you need to overcome those barriers.


13 Marketing Strategies

that you can implement into your practice right now. These strategies will revolutionize the way your practice acquires new patients and have them lining up for appointments.

Dr. Matthew Fretwell

Love Goby Creative’s attention to detail, devotion to a client, and speedy responses.

Don’t Settle For Less

Want to double your dental patients?

Join me as I walk you through what it takes and the specific strategies I’ve used to grow dozens of location-specific service businesses in the digital age.

It’s your clear first step to getting more patients, creating more time freedom, and serving MORE people with your skills and talents.

Not only will we demystify false barriers, but we’ll drill down and understand how people choose a dentist. When you understand this, you’ll have patients lining up at your door.

From The Host

Bobby Wood

I’ve been designing websites since the year 2000 and over the last few years I’ve started specializing in brand personality and visual marketing. My primary goal is to take a business’s personality and mission and help coach them to create marketing strategies and business practices that best help it to achieve it goals. My sister-in-law is a dentist so I understand the unique marketing needs that dentists have. Join me in this webinar and I would love to share with you what I’ve learned over the last 18 years.


What We Can Do For You

With collaborative marketing and timeless creative, we work with brands, businesses, and nonprofits to help actualize their full potential. This webinar will teach you how you can implement the exact strategies we use to help our dentist clients continue to get new patients.


Websites should be optimized to attract, engage, and communicate with your audience.


our graphics are the digital fingerprint of your business that allow you to stand out from the noise.


PPC, merch, print materials, signage. Customers will be immersed in your story and fall in love with your brand.

Social Media

Keeping up with social media takes a lot of time. We can help so you can get back to what you love.

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