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Basic Website Hosting

Our basic web hosting places your website on a shared host server. This means that multiple websites, often in the thousands, share space on a single server owned and maintained by the hosting provider. In this environment, a WordPress site is simply one of many types of sites on the shared server. All sites on that server must draw on the server’s common resources, such as memory and bandwidth.

This service includes general security and server updates. However, because so many sites co-exist in this situation, each website hosted on this server can become vulnerable to malware and other security issues connected to neighboring sites.

Finally, resources on shared servers are limited. As your site evolves, it may outgrow the limitations of the basic web hosting plan.  This limits the size and scope of your site and could eventually lead to the provider terminating your hosting account if it becomes too large or too busy for the shared server’s resources to accommodate.

Advanced / Pro Web Hosting

Our advanced and Pro web hosting provides servers and services that are tailored specifically for WordPress. This means your site will experience the highest quality of performance and security because every server is optimized for a single CMS.

Some of the other great features of Advanced Web hosting include:

Free Malware Cleanup

If hackers do get ahold of your site, we won’t make you pay a fee. We’ll just fix it.

Automatic WordPress Updates

We’ll take care of major and minor WordPress updates, keeping your site safe from security threats due to outdated versions.

Automatic Nightly Backups

We’ll store backups of your site on a separate server for 30 days. 

Auto-healing Technology

Your site will fix itself in the rare event of a service failure, meaning better uptime, more reliable performance, and fewer site crashes.

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