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Building an online presence takes a lot of hard work. Our #1 goal is to put your story in front of as many people as possible, and keep it there. As a business we do this for you through our graphic design and web design services. As your friends, we do this through online content that will help you improve your graphics and websites on your own. With these free tools, you’ll be able to start improving your online presence almost immediately. If you ever need help though, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

The Lead Multiplier

You’ve printed flyers, you’ve sent out mailers, you’ve blasted your social-media followers, but you’re still not getting the lead flow you need to grow your company. Advertising is expensive and when you start talking about adwords and analytics it gets crazy confusing. You feel bad buying mailing lists from local marketing companies, but your business still needs more leads to grow. Don’t stress, there are hundreds of ways to generate leads.

This guide has seven of our favorites.

The 7-Minute Social Media Tune-Up

If you’re like most companies, you’re only leveraging 25% of the power of social media.

Here’s why…

Social media marketing is made up of four equally important parts:

This guide explains those parts and helps you recognize and implement them into your social media strategy.

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